Augusta Recent Weather Condition

Augusta, Georgia, United States

14th Aug, 2020 (3:14 PM)

Scattered clouds

Scattered clouds32°C

Pressure: 1014.00hPa | Humidity: 55.00%

Wind: 8km/h

Sunrise: 10:50 AM | Sunset: 12:15 AM

Weather Forecast in Augusta

Today ( 14th Aug, 2020 ) weather report in Augusta City can be summarized as follows: Augusta City sky currently has scattered clouds and the average temperature is 32 Celsius(°C), or 90 Fahrenheit(°F), which gives you a temperature of about 36 Celsius(°C). At present there are 1014.00 atmospheres of pressure (hPa) and 55.00% humidity. It has 40% cloud capacity and an average visibility of 10000m. Winds of up to 2 km/h winds blow 0.00° degrees from north.

Last 6 Hours On 14th Aug, 2020

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Few clouds Few clouds Haze Haze Broken clouds Few clouds Scattered clouds Scattered clouds Scattered clouds Scattered clouds
Few clouds Few clouds Haze Haze Broken clouds Few clouds Scattered clouds Scattered clouds Scattered clouds Scattered clouds
26 °C 26 °C 28 °C 28 °C 30 °C 30 °C 31 °C 31 °C 32 °C 32 °C

Last 24 Hours Temperature, Humidity And Wind Speed Chart

Augusta Weather Forecast

Current weather - Here we've put together a glance at all the most important information about the current weather in Augusta (Augusta, United States). You can see with the radar HD if precipitation is falling at the moment, or headed towards Augusta soon. You can also see where there are thunderstorms currently ongoing, as well as where thunderstorms have occurred in recent weeks and months with our lightning analysis tool. Our HD satellite images of Augusta will show you whether there’s sunshine currently in the area, or if clouds are making for a more gloomy day. Finally, current observations will tell you what current temperatures look like around Augusta at the moment, as well as if it's humid and/or windy.

Forecast for the next few days - The weather forecast for Augusta is available in several different versions, all clearly and simply displayed here on the Weather Augusta page. For the short term, we have data based on a single weather model that is known to deliver the best forecast for Augusta. For the longer term, we have forecasts for the next two weeks based on an analysis of many different possible forecast outcomes that will give you a sense of not just what's most likely, but how the forecast could change in future updates as we get closer to any given date. If the range of possible outcomes is narrow, you can have high confidence in the forecast. If the range is wide, you know there’s more uncertainty, and to not give too much credence to any one possible forecast outcome. We also have other products such as Meteograms and Forecast XL elsewhere on our site to give you additional options for figuring out the forecast for Augusta.

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